Reality Television(2)

As well as being slightly addicted to ‘The Circle’ which I’ve discussed in my last blog I have also enjoyed watching ‘Big Brother Australia’. For me, it’s fun, humorous and relaxing entertainment. Players live together in a specially designed Big Brother house and they are completely isolated from the outside world. They’re constantly monitored during… Continue reading Reality Television(2)

Reality television…

I’ve been watching ‘The Circle’ recently and loving it! I started with ‘The Circle USA’ Season 1 and after the first couple of episodes I found that I was really interested in the twists and turns of this show. The participants were interesting, their personalities were all very different and I found the excitement started… Continue reading Reality television…

Children Singing Together

  School concerts and musical performances are always a highlight for me as a grandparent. With ten grandchildren ranging from 14 months to 14 years I have had many invitations to share the excitement and enjoy watching the children participate and contribute to musical events. The theme and focus of these performances has varied from… Continue reading Children Singing Together

A New Start

Finally I am back to updating my blog. The last blog that I posted was in early November 2017, just a couple of days before I had a second hip replacement. My first hip replacement was in February 2017. In early April 2018, I had a knee replacement which means that within a 13 month… Continue reading A New Start