Reality Television(2)

As well as being slightly addicted to ‘The Circle’ which I’ve discussed in my last blog I have also enjoyed watching ‘Big Brother Australia’. For me, it’s fun, humorous and relaxing entertainment.

Players live together in a specially designed Big Brother house and they are completely isolated from the outside world. They’re constantly monitored during their stay by live television cameras and microphones. ‘Big Brother’ watches and chats to the contestants as they socialise and move around the house. He controls the game issuing instructions, setting tasks and challenges, deciding on punishments and rewards and introducing some interesting twists and surprises. It’s a game of strategy, alliances, relationships, trust, betrayal and revenge and the game is unpredictable with lots of twists and turns.

Players who win challenges get to nominate three contestants for eviction and then the other contestants vote and decide who should leave the house. Sometimes players are saved, but usually, when they’re evicted they say their goodbyes, collect their suitcases and leave the house. Slowly the numbers of players decreases and once the finalists have been decided the audience at home have an opportunity to vote in the Grand Final and decide who should win. The last remaining housemate wins a cash prize.

The physical challenges set by Big Brother for the contestants require athleticism, patience, determination and persistence and they’re entertaining to watch. The social aspects of the game are also important and they tap into the emotions of the contestants.

Relationships and support for each other becomes important and although players are playing to win they also bond and build relationships that to some extent build a Big Brother house family. It’s this idea of building relationships and alliances, building trust and later having to break that trust, sometimes with a complete blindside to stay in the game, which keeps my interest. I love getting to know the different personalities and listening to their conversations and I like to hear them rationalise their choices when voting or putting their friends up for eviction. The integrity of different individuals also comes through in many ways but in the end for us all it’s a game!

This week is finals week and viewers are excitedly waiting to hear those final words, ‘The winner of Big Brother Australia 2021 is…’ and then… on to the next show!!

By lifelonglearning743

For most of my life I've studied, education at various levels and worked in schools in Australia, Asia and Africa. but now I've retired. I still have a love of learning and I'm constantly searching for new interests as well as searching for new shows on television. I have a special interest in reality shows and enjoy a few 'soapies'. Fun with family is always on the agenda and I enjoy reading and writing.

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