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I’ve been watching ‘The Circle’ recently and loving it! I started with ‘The Circle USA’ Season 1 and after the first couple of episodes I found that I was really interested in the twists and turns of this show. The participants were interesting, their personalities were all very different and I found the excitement started to build as we got closer to the final in Episode 12. I moved on quickly to Season 2 , met the new participants and once again found myself putting things aside to make time for another episode… I was hooked! I watched another 12 episodes, enjoyed the finale and searched for more!

Unfortunately Circle USA Season 3 had not been launched but it was not long before I discovered ‘The Circle France’! ‘Yes’ it was in French! ‘Yes’ I’m an English speaker and not fluent in French and ‘Yes’ I watched it with sub-titles. It required my full attention but I got into the swing of it and loved the passion of the French participants who were so emotional and often hilarious with their responses. Lots of fun and humour with a hilarious finale. I was so excited that I immediately launched into watching ‘The Circle Brazil’ – and dealt with the sub-titles again.

For me the interesting part of this show is that the contestants play the game from their apartment via a voice activated media called ‘The Circle’. Players don’t meet face to face until they are blocked and it’s time to leave the game. Players can choose whether to play themselves or other people and they play for a cash prize. They have no contact with the outside world and as they go about their daily activities they watch for messages and updates from ‘The Circle’ and respond. Sometimes they participate in quizes or games and contestants are set tasks where they compete or communicate with each other.

It’s a game of strategy and viewers watch the participants in their comfortable and stylish apartments as they post photos, update their profiles and communicate via Chat groups. Gradually they build alliances and relationships as they gather information to use for the ratings time when they vote and place contestants in order of popularity. The winner of the prize at the end is the one who has been voted most popular.

Ratings times are interesting. We watch each player vote and wait with the contestants for the results. It’s always fun when the player who is blocked is allowed to choose one contestant that they will meet face to face before leaving, especially if that meeting involves a catfish!

It’s a fun game of strategy that I found fascinating, humorous and mildly addictive! I loved getting to know the different personalities and the final episode in each series when the contestants met face to face was fun and full of surprises and laughter. For me it was a great show but perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea! Has anyone watched this show?

By lifelonglearning743

For most of my life I've studied, education at various levels and worked in schools in Australia, Asia and Africa. but now I've retired. I still have a love of learning and I'm constantly searching for new interests as well as searching for new shows on television. I have a special interest in reality shows and enjoy a few 'soapies'. Fun with family is always on the agenda and I enjoy reading and writing.

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  1. I’ve watched this, Mum! I got so into that I would sometimes just have it playing on my phone whilst I was driving (like a podcast) because often times you don’t need to actually see them to keep up with what is going on! This probably won’t work though for the French or Spanish series 🙂

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