A New Start

Finally I am back to updating my blog. The last blog that I posted was in early November 2017, just a couple of days before I had a second hip replacement. My first hip replacement was in February 2017. In early April 2018, I had a knee replacement which means that within a 13 month period I had 3 major operations. Fortunately the operations have been successful and my recovery has been good although I am still working at finding time for physiotherapy, pilates and daily exercise to help me to regain my strength. I’m also starting to use the treadmill regularly at home and making a new start with the exercise bike. The progress is gradual but hopefully I will be able to regain enough strength to be able to begin to enjoy quality of life once again.

Since the last operation I’ve been enjoying coffee and lunch dates and short trips to the shops which I have not been able to do for some time. I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and appreciate the beautiful park views that I can see from my front windows. The weather has been cold but the big windows in my lounge room have allowed the sun to shine through and warm the apartment in the mornings. The sunshine is very welcome after a frosty and cold morning.

Extra time at home has meant that I’ve had to sort out a variety of activities to stay busy and keep my mind challenged. For some time I’ve had a mild interest in family history and learned a bit about grandparents and great grand parents on both sides of the family. I have some details on my phone but nothing had been written down in a way that my children or grandchildren could access. So I’ve made a beginning and I’ve been trying to sort the information for one relative each day and then print and file that person’s story with a view to building a story that might be shared read by the family at some stage. Now that I’ve made a start on the story there might be details or little stories that I can add to the files as I move along.

Time at home has helped me to appreciate the value of the blogging world and I love reading the stories shared by fellow bloggers. I enjoy the variety in the stories experiences and ideas and I find that the opportunity to read the ideas of other bloggers enriches my world and exposes me to a variety of different perspectives which can be stimulating and sometimes challenging. Sometimes the stories remind me of my own experience and they prompt memories which otherwise might be forgotten.

More time at home and a change in pace has meant that I now have the freedom to choose and to think about what I’d like to do each day. I can choose to read, write, revise some Italian through on- line programs, watch a movie, explore some brain training games or simply play computer games for fun. I have time to make some phone calls, send a message to a friend or simply indulge in some catch up television as well as spending time exercising and working hard to re-build physical strength and work hard on rehabilitation.

August 15, 2018

It’s been a while since I began writing this blog, probably because I’ve been distracted by other activities and maybe because I’ve lacked the discipline required to persevere with my writing. As well as spending time on reading I’ve been getting caught up with television shows and extended an interest in exploring and playing simulation games on my phone. The interest in games has been prompted by encouragement and coaching from grandchildren and I’m keen to explore new games and find out more about this fun world.

Recently I’ve been reading about Africa. Paula McLain’s ‘Circling the Sun’ revived many memories of living in Africa, our trips to Nairobi and travel through Kenya. Her stories of Beryl Markham and life in 1920’s colonial Kenya are absorbing and I found it difficult to put the book down. This great read prompted me to watch the movie ‘Out of Africa’ and now I’m enjoying Isak Dinesen’s book ‘Out of Africa’ which tells stories of the life of Karen Blixen and the challenges of managing a coffee plantation in Kenya which was started around 1914. I loved the sound track of the film as well as the stories and beautiful views of Kenya.

Stories of the Masai in Kenya reminded me of an amazing family adventure which we began in Dar Es Salaam, where we lived at the time. We travelled to Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro and across the Serengeti Plains with a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater and then on through Kenya to Nairobi in the 80’s. A great experience for a family of seven travelling together. I’m looking forward to reading more about Africa both past and present.

By lifelonglearning743

For most of my life I've studied, education at various levels and worked in schools in Australia, Asia and Africa. but now I've retired. I still have a love of learning and I'm constantly searching for new interests as well as searching for new shows on television. I have a special interest in reality shows and enjoy a few 'soapies'. Fun with family is always on the agenda and I enjoy reading and writing.


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