Please Don’t Egg My house!



Who would have thought that the word ‘egg’ could bring back memories and inspire someone to write? I guess most people have had lots of experiences with eggs both positive and negative. My fondest memory of eggs is from the 60’s when devilled eggs were popular. They’re also known as stuffed eggs or Russian eggs. They are hard boiled eggs that have been shelled, cut in half and filled with a mixture made from the egg yolks mixed such as mayonnaise and mustard and are usually served cold and served at parties. I loved those devilled eggs and I had forgotten about this tasty dish until a few years ago when I went to America and they were served at a restaurant in Nashville. Very exciting!

I also have lots of Easter egg memories. There have been chocolate eggs, red eggs, painted and decorated eggs, egg hunts, stories about Easter eggs and the Easter bunny and I have strong memories of setting up surprise visits from the Easter img_0157bunny at home and at school. In recent years we had a family egg and spoon race which was lots of fun and the adults were surprisingly competitive.

There have been lots of experiments with eggs in the classroom and at home. There is the egg in the bottle experiment where the egg gets sucked into the neck of the bottle and the egg in vinegar experience where the vinegar dissolves the eggshell. I was never sure what I was doing but we usually figured it out.  I’ve also read lots of stories to children in the classroom about eggs and chickens and many attempts at incubating and hatching eggs in the classroom. Some were more successful than others but it was always an exciting activity.

In the 70’s when I had young children there was lots of discussion and advice from others about how to cook eggs for children. The popular view was that the eggs should be coddled and there was no end to the advice that was available to a young mother on how to coddle that egg in the best interests of the child’s future. Sadly, I was short on culinary skills and I never mastered that important skill of coddling an egg. I also remember learning to cook egg custard and egg mayonnaise, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and soft and hard boiled eggs. There was always lots of advice on how to improve these recipes much of which I’ve forgotten but I do always remember never to crack the eggs directly into the bowl with other ingredients and crack them one by one into a glass to check that the eggs are good.

Over the years there has been extensive debate about whether eggs are good for us or not and I’ve tried to follow that advice. It seems that now it’s good to have an egg and increase our protein intake. Eggs are prominent on most breakfast menus in cafes and they’re presented in many ways and added to a variety of dishes.


The word ‘egg’ prompts me also to think of it in the context of ‘egging’ or pushing someone to do or say something or maybe stirring up ideas. “Egging’ is also a word  used to describe a prank where eggs are thrown at people, cars or houses. Usually the eggs are raw but sometimes they are old and rotten. This is something that I have experienced recently. Since I have been living in my small apartment that overlooks a park I have experienced the results of people having fun and throwing eggs at my window or at my balcony. Sometimes it has been one egg but at other times four or five eggs have been thrown. It is difficult to clean and the smell can be bad. It has happened a number of times. Sometimes it happens during the year but usually at the end of the year when school exams have finished. Apparently ‘egging’ can be lots of fun. For me, it’s not a fun experience but I’ve learned to deal with it.

The end of the school year is approaching! Perhaps this year I should post a sign saying, ‘Please don’t ‘egg’ my house!’





















By lifelonglearning743

For most of my life I've studied, education at various levels and worked in schools in Australia, Asia and Africa. but now I've retired. I still have a love of learning and I'm constantly searching for new interests as well as searching for new shows on television. I have a special interest in reality shows and enjoy a few 'soapies'. Fun with family is always on the agenda and I enjoy reading and writing.

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  1. I reckon this year you need your own stash of eggs at the ready so you can pelt them back at anyone that throws them at your place! PS nice work at finding inspiration in the most simple of places.


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